Monday, July 26, 2010

No Control

My seventh grade science teacher, Mr. Adair, would probably be disappointed with my fertility experiment due to the numerous variables I have introduced. In fact, I was starting to lose track of them myself, so I decided to take time tonight to recap our many efforts on this reproductive journey. I’ve linked them to my past posts, so if you need a recap, too, it’s only a click away!

1. Prayers
2. Semen Analysis
3. Fertility Diet
4. Prenatal Vitamins
5. Ov Watch
6. Charting Cycle
7. Cervical Mucus
8. Acupuncture
9. Herbs
10. Fertility Bracelet
11. Lunar Phase Fertility
12. Chiropractic
13. Robitussin

What’s next? Hopefully a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to check my pipes. I have a consultation scheduled for Wednesday, and I’m hoping to get it in before school starts.  I guess that will be a big middle finger to getting this thing done "without the help of modern medicine."  Plus, I already took the Robitussin (Does that count?).

By the way, school starts on Friday the 13th... I think that says it all!


  1. Looking at your list, I've done most of those things as well! Not to mention a few more...LOL! I haven't braved acupuncture yet, though. It kind of freaks me out.

    Along the lines of Robitussin, have you tried Mucinex? Same concept, but I found the tablets much easier to take (plus, it doesn't have some of other unnecessary added ingredients). Didn't work for me, but two ladies I know SWEAR by it.



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  3. I took it several years ago when I had bronchitis. I cringe and giggle at their disgusting commercials with the little mucus guys...If I suck all this cherry-flavored Robo down, then I'll try the Mucinex next time.

    Acupuncture is very relaxing! The needles don't hurt at all, just feels like a little tap. Plus you get to lay there and take a nap. It's like a spa treatment! :)

    I've been following you (not literally). Hope your week gets better! I can relate to your "stuff" if ya know what I mean.

    :) A

  4. Hang in there Girlie! I hope it happens for you soon, I know lots of girls that have gotten knocked up after the kind-of flushes the pipes while it looks at them!

  5. Yeah, that's what they say...we'll keep our fingers crossed. Thanks Jane E!

  6. I'm covering #1 on that list here in NH for you - officially praying for you!