Sunday, July 25, 2010

Put Some Tussin On It

Well, I guess Chris Rock’s dad was onto something when he told him to “put some Tussin on it.” Last month I came across a blog post at about the effects of Robitussin on cervical mucus and I’ve been waiting until just the right time to try it. Don’t worry; you don’t actually put the Tussin on any sensitive body parts (thank goodness)! Ingesting it three times a day for the five days prior to ovulation thins the mucus and creates a more hospitable environment for the sperm.

It’s important to make sure you take regular or generic Robitussin with Guaifenesin as the main ingredient (not Robitussin with letters like DM or CF behind it—as these won’t have the same effect).

I bought some at Harris Teeter (aka the “Teet”) tonight and plan on starting the Robo-regimen tomorrow morning.


  1. Ha! Jeremy tells the kids to "put some Tussin on it" all the time. :-)

  2. Robitussin and cervical mucous...strange bedfellows (pardon the pun)! You have a great website! I'm a little past the fertility stage myself but what an awesome resource for women. Good luck with the 31 DBBB Challenge.