Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Hate it When That Happens

I hate it when this happens, but Eric was right (well, kind of). Let me back up.

On Monday I went to my second chiropractic appointment to view my x-rays. In case you didn’t know, I’m RIGID. Everyone is supposed to have three sixty-three degree arches in their backs, forming a curvy snake shape (Really? Three 63 degree arches? Wow, God, You really rocked the human body!). But me, well, I have acute angles instead…at least in my neck. No wonder I get migraines.

After showing me how whacked out my vertebrae are, the chiropractor adjusted me. It was loud, but painless. In fact, it felt great. I think I got a little buzz off of it. Then the funniest thing happened (I’m getting to the part about Eric being right…).

The chiropractor had previously set up an appointment for me to come in the following day to discuss my “care plan” (I think I may have heard her say, “Show me the money,” under her breath). Then she asked if my husband could come with me to see the x-rays, because that would help him get on board.

Okay- that? Right there? Was weird. Because I hadn’t said ANYTHING about him thinking it was a scam. Was she reading my mind? Or worse…Was she reading my blog? You know, where I called her the head cheerleader and stuff.

I texted Eric who agreed to come (after joking about how they were going to try to make him drink the chiropractic kool-aid). Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon when we are both sitting in the office looking at my severely rigid neck x-rays, listening to the possible health and fertility benefits. Enter: the financial manager to discuss costs. Suddenly, I realized why Eric was there. This was going to be a serious financial commitment to the tune of $3300.

Really? $3300?
Um, maybe…………………………………………………………………………………….later?

So, that’s why I said I hate it when Eric is right. The funniest part of this is that somehow, after all of that, Eric has an appointment set up with them for a consultation next week. Blahahahaha!


  1. Wow! Your chiropractor has a financial manager!?!? Interesting....Are you sure they didn't slip your hubby some chiropractic kool-aid when you weren't looking? That's too funny.

  2. I had no idea chiropractors were so expensive. I'm glad it felt good, but $3300 sounds a bit crazy.

  3. No kidding, you guys! That is expensive. She compared it to getting braces...Really? Hmmm. It felt good, but I can think of other ways to feel good for less. Like a vacation!

  4. Hey Annie,

    Just thought I would share with you that my wife and I had problems with fertility and that wonderful feeling that you got from your did the trick for us! We had spent over $50,000 on fertility treatments over 6 years with nothing to show but heartache. For $3,000 and a tremendous amount of loving care we now have 5 beautiful children, which may sound a bit crazy but when you have thought for a long time that you would never be able to have something...then you tend to over do it!

    Just takes a quick YouTube search to see dozens of others that have also experienced the same benefit.

    I was high school biology teacher and I thought the Chiropractor was full of smoke and mirrors too because nothing that I had ever learned in College would have lead me to believe when vertebra in the spine are misaligned that it can affect your health. However, I was so impressed with the results that my wife and I (chronic migraines and digestive problems) experienced that I decided to go back to school and become a Chiropractor.

    I know Dr. Julie personally and not only would I trust her with my own spine - I would trust her with the spines of my children. If she said you have loss of your cervical curve - don't take that lightly. It was hard work for both my wife and I to correct ours but the benefits are tremendous. How can anyone put a price on having children?

    Currently I have personally treated dozens of couples with fertility issues and have not had a single case that failed and several of them now have more than 1.

    Here are a couple YouTube News Clips on Chiropractic and Fertility.

    Wishing you the very best in your quest for motherhood!

    Dr. Pat