Saturday, July 17, 2010


A few days ago I received a group email from one of my good friends in my ladies’ group from church requesting baby gear for a friend of hers who just found out she was SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT!?! Excuse my French, church ladies, but WTF?

Sure, I’ve seen this episode on TLC several times before, but when it’s someone I know (okay, it’s really someone someone I know knows) it makes it a heck of a lot stranger. According to The Caveman’s Pregnancy Companion (a little ditty Eric and I picked up at B&N), by the seventh month, the baby is the size of a pot roast. His or her head, eyes, hands, feet, digits, genitals, lashes, brows and nails are developed. He or she pees (ew), kicks, moves around, and reacts to light and sound outside the womb.

Did this unsuspecting mother-to-be mistake her seven months of pregnancy for one serious case of kick-ass indigestion? Was there no morning sickness? No ta-ta engorgement? No night time urination? No buttons popping off suddenly tightened clothing? And, what about, well, you know, the most obvious sign that something might be awry in vajayjay land?

It’s possible that I’m lacking empathy here (and therefore in need of extra prayer from my fellow church ladies), but, as Mark Twain so aptly put it, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!”

By the way, it’s a boy! If you’re feeling generous and have any baby gear you’d like to pass along to this brilliant Betty, let me know and I’ll make arrangements.


  1. Hi Annie
    I took it very strange. Was the lady very fat? In that case, i heard very similar story.
    Well, i brought some idea from a few of my friends. They all agreed this kinda worked.
    For foods, they recommend women to take vegetables especially root crops expect potatoes and fish, avoid meat. Men needs meat.
    Keep yr body warm. At least 30 mins walking every day. Avoid talking cooled drinks. Try to gain weight up to 3 kg. They said that all of them got pregnant when they gained weight. It might sound strange, but I also agree.
    This is about sex.After ejacation, keep it insert at least 30mins, then place yr leg high as much as you can. I also heard about ovulation, but you are probably seeing yr doctor, so I'll keep it aside. Was there anything you attracted?

  2. Hi, Sweet Kimi, my Japanese sister! I'm not sure if the girl is overweight...I'm guessing so, but I don't know her personally.

    Were these girls who gained 3 Kg already super skinny like most Japanese girls (like that time we only ate an apple a day)? I ask, because I really don't want to gain any weight. Maybe they just needed that weight to get back to healthy?

    I'll definitely try to eat more root veggies. You have so many more choices there, but I can probably srape some up at Whole Foods.

    I have been laying there, legs to the heavens, for a half hour after sex, but I'm gonna keep it up (ha!).

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try (except maybe not the weight gain)! Hopefully there will be some results! Love ya! XOXO

  3. This totally baffles me! I don't understand at all how people can not know they're pregnant. I mean, when a baby kicks that's what it feels like... so strange. Also, finding out that late must be crazy because you have WAY less time to prepare yourself.

  4. I have had several acquaintances who did not divulge they were pregnant until late in the pregnancy. If one is more "fluffy", shall we say, it easier to hide.
    Have to share this- 2 years ago, my daughter, then 26 married with 5 children, the youngest who was just a year old, never really lost her baby weight. I had been wondering if she was possibly pregnant again, and finally, around the 10th of July, I was going to approach her and she came to me. She says "I have needed to talk with you without the kids around, and I am sure you have noticed we are expecting another baby, but I put off going to the doctor, etc... but finally went last week, and yadayada. So I just interrupted her and said, "so when are you due?"
    She replies on July 18th! Holy moly! No time to be mad or freaked out, my mommy mode kicked in!