Thursday, July 22, 2010

Give Me a C-N-S!

Bright and early this morning I ventured out to a local chiropractor for an initial consultation that I scheduled after reading about the link between chiropractic and infertility. This particular clinic has designated the theme for July as “Reproductive Issues.” As I crossed the threshold I felt as though I had entered another world.

Cheerleaders greeted me (ok, they weren’t really cheerleaders, but they might as well have been with all of their perpetual peppiness) and Kool and the Gang belted out “Celebrate good times, Come on!” There was even a big sign with “Welcome Annie B,” plastered in neon green across it! I’m so not kidding here.

I flashed back to my senior year when I went to visit colleges, specifically Texas A&M, where they cheered, chanted, sang, howdy-ed and bubbled over with school spirit (If you know any Aggies, you know what I’m talking about, right?). It totally freaked me out (which could be why I eventually ended up at UT (hook ‘em))!

After the shock of the initial fanfare wore off, I was escorted to a small room where the doctor (aka head cheerleader) explained the function of the spinal cord and central nervous system and the effects associated with sublaxation (due to misalignment of the vertebrae). She suggested that this could contribute to my migraines, hormonal imbalances and possibly even our unexplained infertility.

She went on to proclaim that a well-known joke among chiropractors, are sitting around at chiropractic conferences, sipping white wine is to ask, “How many babies are named after you?” because of all the pregnancies that pop up after clients get properly adjusted (Hmm…who knew?). By the way, I’ve been craving white wine—or any wine, or a mimosa—all day now!

She then instructed me to stand on an “X” as she looked at me in a mirror that was cross-sectioned off and examined my posture. Ready? Okay! Slight left hip protrusion, head tilt to the right… until that moment I like, never realized that I like stand like a total valley girl. Gag a maggot (with a spoon)!

Following a brief interview about past accidents, my stress levels and our infertility issues, I was ushered into an x-ray room where a technician took several pictures of my vertebrae. Shortly thereafter I met with the cheerful receptionist again to schedule my next appointment, so the doctor can read my x-rays and possibly adjust me.

Around noon, Eric came home for lunch and got irritated with me because he thinks chiropractic is quackery. Of course they’ll adjust me, he suspiciously conjectured…and adjust me and adjust me and adjust me over and over again until all that’s left in my pockets is lint! I was irritated at this rejection of the notion that some inkling of a possibility might exist that this could work.

Though I, too, have wondered about the legitimacy of chiropractic, it doesn’t really seem any more absurd than acupuncture (and I do love acupuncture). In fact, it makes more sense to me. If I had to choose between chi and central nervous system, give me a C-N-S, any old day of the week!


  1. I love going to the chiropractor although I haven't been in months. My mom always went for as long as I remember. I never thought or heard about the connection between being out of adjustment and IF but I don't doubt that they could affect eachother. I wish the chirapractors I've gone to were as enthusiastic as yours though...sounds like it was a party going on!!! haha that is a really great story! :) At the very least you've learned about yourself and you will probably feel better too.

  2. I am actually switching up my acupuncturist for a chiropractor as soon as I get pregnant (at my acupuncturists suggestion) because I cracked 3 vertebraes years ago and my acupuncturist really thinks I would benefit more from regular adjustments once I'm actually pregnant than from acupuncture.

    So take that for what you will! I love my acupuncturist, and so anything she suggest seems legit to me! :)

  3. I found your blog through the ProBlogger challenge. A good chiropractor is a wonderful thing. I always feel so much better after a visit. Sounds like your chiropractor is a lot of fun.

  4. Yes, ladies, this place was like a mini-rock concert (well, is Kool and the Gang rock???).

    I am looking forward to returning. I kinda talked the hubz into not being so disagreeable about it.

    I have migraines a lot (they come with Aunt Flo), so hopefully the chiropractor will help them go away!

    Thanks for your support, ladies! XOXO

  5. You know how I feel about my Chiro...can't live without him. I asked him to move to Alabama with me, but he won't. He's considering Tennessee though and I'd so travel to see him there! You'll feel better and learn that it can actually help improve many ailments.

  6. Hey, Sweetness...Hadn't visited your blog since you changed the name. Pretty catchy. I like it! I'm impressed by your commitment, efforts, and dedication not only to this blog, but to the entire baby-making process! You and Eric are Blessed, sweet Annie, as your baby will be Blessed. Keep the faith my sister. The baby is on the way! Love you!!!!

  7. wow, let me know if the chiro helps with the migraine problem because the same happens to me!

  8. Annie

    I'm pleased that my page on Infertility and Chiropractic encouraged you to explore an effective alternative. The article titled Endometriosis and the Anterior Coccyx provides a rational explanation for one specific cause of infertility...reduction (or reversal) of the peristalsis in the fallopian tubes. It's also a contributor to fallopian pregnancies.

    I also laughed mightily at your description of the cheerleaders! Every office wants to put new patients at ease and make them feel welcomed. I guess this one went (a little) over the top!

    Thanks again for your superlative (and amusing) posting!

    Frank M. Painter, D.C.