Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pins and Needles

Today I went to my first fertility acupuncture appointment at Re-Soul on the peninsula. That’s Charleston talk for “downtown”. The streets are narrow and parking is sparse, but the view of the harbor and the rainbow colored mansions was breathtaking. Amy Jo, my acupuncturist and herbalist, was an awesomely caring individual who spent about an hour talking to me and gathering information about my health, cycle, habits, emotions and the like. She took my pulse and examined my tongue, then briefed me on her synopsis of my well-being.

According to Amy Jo, I have a yang deficiency in my liver and my kidneys need to be regulated. She advised that I discontinue drinking coffee, not just for fertility reasons, but to eliminate tension and migraines. Normally, I wouldn’t take this kind of advice so calmly, but coming from this long legged, red headed, nose-pierced, well-manicured beauty it seemed to make sense. Then she made me into a human voodoo doll by sticking twelve thin needles painlessly down the sides of my vertebrae. She left me there to cook while her iPod played in the background. It even played some of the same songs I have on my iPod, so she must be cool (I’m secretly hoping she becomes my new (second) “bestie”.)!

I drifted off into a relaxing sleep for a bit; then she returned about twenty minutes later. Next she burned a moxa, or incense, on my back. It heated up my midsection, and left a little pink mark on my back. As the moxa burned, she explained that she had created a recipe of powdered herbs for me to mix with water and drink three times per day. She demonstrated how to mix it up and had me shoot some right there. It didn’t taste great, but it was bearable. On the way home I felt utter tranquility beyond any peace I have ever felt. It was amazing!

Eric and I leave to go on a three week vacation on Sunday, so she gave me enough herbs to get me through the trip, and my next appointment will be a couple of days after we get back. The initial session cost $120 and the herbs were $25 per week. Surprisingly, I think I’ve even convinced Eric to try it! His main concern is where she will stick the needles!

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  1. Sounds awesome!!! I would love to try that - I need some peace and tranquility!!