Monday, August 2, 2010

Ode to Mimosa

Mimosa, my sweet, how I long to hold you, to taste you on my lips. I’ve missed you since we’ve been apart. Especially on those lazy weekend mornings I reminisce about the brunches we have spent together. Your bottomless goodness, bubbly personality and sparkling spirit have left me light headed.

These last few weeks we’ve spent apart are not in vain. I’m trying to start a new life; one whose chances are better without you. For now, I must leave you behind, but we will have our day in the sun once more. One day I will toast you again.

Until then, I will think of you and your shapely fluted glass fondly as I pass our old meeting spots which advertise your never ending bliss. When that time comes, return to me and let me drink you in.

Intoxicatingly yours,


1 comment:

  1. Ah, how I miss alcohol in general! It was one of the first things I gave up in our TTC journey, which has lasted so much longer than I ever anticipated. I suppose I could begin to indulge again, but I think I've lost the capacity to handle it in any way/shape/form. But I, too, have fond memories of my favorite champagne!