Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Mystery Continues...

Hey there, cyber friends! Long time, no write. Many of you know that I am a teacher, and I have been swept away in the back to school tidal wave! So long, summer, I’m gonna miss you. Sniff, sniff.

Anyway, last Friday was somewhat of a monumental day in our fertility adventure. I had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG)—a procedure where they shoot dye into the fallopian tubes to check the pipes and make sure everything is working properly. My gyno and two radiologists performed the HSG at the hospital.

Prior to the procedure, my gyno (bless her heart) prescribed me one valium and Motrin. She called me and messaged me three times reminding me to take it, which, honestly, had me a little scared that it was going to be super painful. Eric had to drive me, since I was a little tipsy and goofy from the valium.

When we arrived, I changed into the uber-fashionable hospital gown (ties in the front) and positioned myself on the table. Eric stayed to witness the torture, because I wanted him to remind me what the results were in case I was too loopy to remember later.

At first the procedure was similar to a pap smear, forceps, prodding, swabbing, etc. Then the doctor inserted a catheter and we had to wait a minute or two for the radiologists to arrive. It was pretty uncomfortable (though not unbearable), so I was hoping they weren’t on a coffee or smoke break. Soon they arrived dressed in chic protective vests (zebra striped and sparkly disco material), positioned the x-ray machine over my lower mid section, and my doctor began to insert the dye.

That was the most painful part, but it basically felt like extreme pressure. On the monitor we could see my uterus fill up with the dye, then the left fallopian tube and finally the right. I’m glad to report that everything was in working order! Eric told me later that they said that was one of the quickest HSGs they had done.

And viola! HSG complete.

The doctor said I might have pain and should avoid nookie for about two days. I had a teeny bit of spotting that day, but absolutely no pain! In fact, I felt great and got some special treatment from Eric, as he was a little traumatized by the poking and prodding he had witnessed!

So, the mystery remains unanswered and the waiting resumes.


  1. Glad that it went well and that's great that you didn't have any pain afterward! Read about your Gatlinburg trip. I love the smoky mountains...went there on my honeymoon since it was one of the closest places to go. There probably are a lot of hillbillies there but since I'm from KY it's not too much different haha!

  2. Hi Annie
    I saw you on busted kate - I'm your newest follower! Hope I can continue to follow you!
    We have a lot in common. I am also a teacher. Grade One. Although I'm in South Africa and our holidays are a bit different, we landed up having a long june/july because of the world cup they changed things a bit.
    I also had an HSG last year. That was just plain awful. They had to insert a smaller thing after the bigger one did not fit. Just awful, but the smaller one was better. My tubes were clear.. but still not pregnant.. sigh .. had second iui in July .. which obviously did not work.. but remain hopeful I will figure this all out. Please visit my blog and let's keep in touch!